Energy Consulting, Services
and Products you can rely on!

Danca Environmental Inc. is a full-service energy-consulting firm, dedicated to providing our clients with the very best that modern energy technology has to offer, while preserving our precious natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations.

From wind-powered turbines to solar-powered offices and warehouses, Danca Environmental Inc. can show you the best options available to power your home, business, or enterprise. Because we are an independent consulting and oversight firm, we can help you choose the energy options that are best for your particular needs, budget and energy production goals – whether it be a field of wind turbines, a water-powered dam, or solar-powered batteries that will keep your business powered long after sunset.

We also offer chemical-free wastewater treatment options for fiscally and environmentally conscious municipalities looking for the very best that modern technology has to offer while saving taxpayer dollars – and the environment!

Save cash now;
save natural resources for the future!

Believe it or not, today's energy technologies are not only good for the environment -- they're also good for your bottom line! Contact Danca Environmental Inc. today for a free in-house or on-site evaluation.

Project Visualization, Design & Oversight

  • Feasibility studies

  • Site selection assistance

  • Resource, environmental impact, and energy yield assessments

  • Contract negotiation

  • Financial modeling

  • Negotiate Power Purchase Agreements with authorities or distribution companies

  • Project site management

  • Quality Assurance inspections

  • Contract adherence review

  • Supply-chain supervision
    and review

  • Full investigation of site-specific incidents

  • Health and safety
    compliance inspection

  • Appraisal services

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